Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question : How can I register for the Online Milling School?

Answer : From our homepage, scroll down until 'Coming up next'. Click 'Register' at a session that you interested. You will be directed to a registration page. Click 'Buy a ticket'; once you fill out the required information and credit card information for payment, you are now registered for the session !

Question : How can I register multiple sessions?

Answer : Visit Click 'Register sessions for'; please note that the price shown there is for accesses for the reminding live sessions. You can also register here for the full 12 sessions, starting from the current session and taking in previous sessions once the Course rolls over.

Question : Is there a group price?

Answer : We keep the registration price as low as we can at $30 per session. However, if your group has more than 10 people please contact us via website chat box located on the bottom right of this page. 

Question : How can I find a link to access webinars that I registered?

Answer : After you register, a confirmation email will be sent out along with a link to the live session. You will also receive reminder emails; 1 day and 1 hour before the live session. The access link will also included in those reminder emails. 

Question : If I missed attending a live session I have registered for, what should I do?

Answer : In case you have missed one or more live sessions you have registered for, please note you will have access to those session on-demand for one month following the end of the Course (one month after Session 12 is broadcast). 

Question : I would like to complete all 12 Session to obtain the Certificate of Attendance. How can I join and catch up if the Course has already started?

Answer : Simply pay for the complete Course of 12 Session and join from the next available Session. You will be able to attend the course missed after Session 12 when the whole Course repeats by rolling over. We will record your attendance.

Question : Do you offer on-demand access to courses already held?

Answer : We offer the opportunity for attendees to pick individual future course and register for them. However, once a Session has passed you can only view it when it ‘rolls around again’ in the follow in Course. Our aim is to encourage all attendees to attend all course to improve their knowledge of all aspects critical to successful feed manufacturer.

Question : What benefit will I gain from achieving a ‘Certificate of Attainment’ once I have complete all 12 Session of the Course?

Answer : The ‘Certificate of Attainment’ will document your attendance of all 12 Session (supported by your participation in the various Polls) and confirm your basic knowledge of the most critical areas of the feed manufacture process. It will help to verify your improved knowledge base and may be added to your CV. It will also help demonstrate to your employer your commitment to training and learning that benefits the company’s performance. This Certificate is the first step in your knowledge-building approach to your job and will support your intention to go onto further training both in-company and at outside institutes such as universities, supplier training courses and the offered by other organisations. Our intention is to build this Certificate into an internationally-recognised qualification in the understanding of Livestock Feed Manufacture.

If you have a question not covered here. Please use the ‘Let’s Chat’ box below and we will answer by return. Thanks you. 

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