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Starting September 14 to November 30, 2021

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September 14, 2021
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September 17, 2021
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What is Online Aquafeed Production Schools ?

       This course is offered for an understanding of the design, development, and operation of an aquafeed production plant for the range of products typically used in this industry.  Ingredients, a general nutritional review, equipment used, and why are discussed.


       This school will allow interested individuals to understand the possibilities and developments over time with regards to what can be produced and how all aspects of the process interact for successful aquafeed production.  

       Basically, there are 4 areas of importance for aquafeed production; ingredients, equipment used, how it is operated, and the desired final product specifications.  All aspects interact as each affects the other as the nutritionist makes the formula, sales or the customers define the desired end product while the production needs to perform efficiently.  

       Communication between these areas and the interactions between them result in excellent aquafeed produced with acceptable margins.

Why attend Online Aquafeed Production Schools?

  • Update yourself with the latest technologies and machinery for Aqua feed plants                                            

  • Take the time to review key milling operations and gain ideas and knowledge that help further improve the feed production process

Session1 Highlight

This topic will discuss raw materials and the effect of their use with regards to processing methods. There are limitations with regards to ingredients and processes.  The formulation needs to match the equipment being used to make a successful aquafeed.

Group Registration

You can purchase all 12 sessions for your group of 10 people. Your group will receive ONE log-in account to watch together. You may provide name list of your group. Upon course completion, everyone in your group will receive our certificates. Please contact us by click 'Group Registration' below for more information about group registration

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Joe Kearns

42 years at Wenger Manufacturing, Inc. Retired assisting Meridian-Biotech as Director of Sales for advanced single-cell proteins for aquatic and animal feeds. Formed JPKearns Consulting for feed and pet-food projects. Presently consulting in the Feed Industry on extrusion projects, their use, situation solving, and related topics. Technical Consultant for Grand Fish Feed in Egypt.


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What previous attendees are saying about the course

“Everything is good, this training increases my experience and knowledge

- Dhian, Indonesia

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- Hafiz, Pakistan