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Course Details

This course is designed to give you an in-depth review of the process of making pet foods.  Simple and complex pet food and treat production reviewed, overall plant design discussions, equipment used in production, and advancements of designs will all be discussed.  


What are the typical ingredients used and how they are changing with discussions on quality testing, storage, preparation for use, and traceability.  Batching, mixing, and weighing both the dry and possibly wet ingredients used in modern-day pet foods.  


There are many different ways of pet food production but the major method, extrusion cooking, is discussed completely with preconditioning and extruder barrel design discussions. the discharge end of the extruder yields the shape and has an influence on the product itself is reviewed with a discussion on possible situations that develop and how to correct these.  


Dryers, both vertical and horizontal are reviewed with an explanation of the value of accurate drying and how these devices are becoming more energy aware including possible solutions to drying issues.  


Coating methods reviewed including accuracy discussions and the importance of cooling before packing. Final product review, packaging, and storage round out this comprehensive course on pet food production.

Why attend Credo Online Petfood School?

  • Update yourself with the latest technologies and machinery for feed plants

  • Take the time to review key milling operations and gain ideas and knowledge that help further improve the feed production process

  • Allows learning and development without having to leave your workplace

  • Short sessions that are spread across a period of time to accommodate busy schedules

  • This an excellent platform for anyone that would like to fully understand the feed milling process and what it takes to produce quality sustainable feeds.

This is What our Courses Are Like



Only 2.5 Hours per week
6 weeks | Online



Receive a certificate of completion after attending 6 sessions



Catch what you missed
in our On-Demand

Online Petfood School 2023 Edition Available in 2 Time Zones 

Europe & Asia

(Every Thursday)

August 24, 2023 to September 28, 2023

2 PM Bangkok | 9 AM CET

*Live Session*

U.S. & Latin American

(Every Friday)

August 25, 2023 to September 29, 2023

10 AM Chicago | 1 PM Buenos Aires

*Broadcast of the Recorded Live Session*

Who should attend?

If you have an interest in pet food production from the point of view of owning a company, working in a production facility, or a supplier to the industry who wish to know more about the process this course will get you started in the right direction.  The course is also designed for a review to those in the industry who wish to learn what is new and the direction developments are headed for the production of pet food.   

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