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If you have a question not covered here. Please use the ‘Let’s Chat’ box below and we will answer by return. Thanks you. 

  • How can I register to an online schools course offered by Credo?
    This is a simple process. From the main menu bar, click 'Courses' then click on the course you are interested at. Scroll down and click 'Register for this course'. You will automatically be re-directed to our course registration page. Once there, Click 'Buy a ticket' and go ahead and fill out the required registration information. When prompted, insert your credit card details and press pay. You are now registered for the session! A confirmation email will be send to you. in case you have not received your confirmation email within 30 minutes form the time you have register and paid for the course, you may want to check your junk mail. In case our email has ended up in your junk mail, please do include this email address in your save mail list. There be more future communications regarding your course coming to you via this email. If you would like to register a big group or prefer to purchase your course via a different payment method, please contact us via the live chat and we will quite you accordingly.
  • Can I register for a single session only?
    Yes, you can! Though we encourage you to subscribe and attend all sessions of a course, you can choose to purchase and attend one or more individual sessions out of the course. Each course typically will consists of 6-12 sessions. You can purchase each one of these session separately if you wish. Just follow the instructions provided above on "How can I register to an online School course" and instead of clicking "Register for this course", you can click on "Register for this session only".
  • How can I use the coupon code?
    Please follow our instructional video
  • Is there a group price?
    We keep the registration price as low as we can at $40 per session. However, if your group has more than 10 people please contact us via the website chat box located on the bottom right of this page.
  • How to access my live course webinar?
    To ensure that you do not miss out any communications regarding your course, go ahead and added our emails ...... to your save email list After you register, a confirmation email will be sent out along with a link to the live session. You will also receive reminder emails; 1 day and 1 hour before the live session is due to start. The access link will also be included in those reminder emails. In case you are not received your link and information emails, you may want to check your junk mail. Always feel free to contacts un via the website live chat box for any assistance
  • I missed attending a live session I have registered for, what should I do?
    In case you have missed one or more live sessions you have registered for, you will have an on-demand access to the recorded version of the session(s). Access to session recordings will be provided at the end of the Course and will be available to for a full one month following the end of the course.
  • Can I still join a course once is already started?
    You can join a course at any time provided that it has not yet finished. Upon purchase of the full course, you would be able to catch up on sessions you missed during the On-Demand period. All sessions will be made available to you.
  • What is an On-Demand period?
    While we encourage all participants to join us during the designated times of the live sessions and as such also take advantage of sessions' live Q&A, we do understand that there will be times when you cannot make it. To ensure that you do not miss out anything, Credo will make all the recorded versions of the sessions available to you for 30 after the completion of the final session of the course. This is called the 'On-Demand Period'. During this time, you will be able to log into the learning system and watch any of the sessions at your own time and pace.
  • Will I receive a certificate once I complete a course?
    Provided you have completed all the sessions within a course, you will receive your Certificate of Attainment issued by Progressus AgriSchools and Perendale Publishers
  • What benefit will I gain from achieving a 'Certificate of Attainment'?
    The 'Certificate of Attainment' will document your attendance to a selected course and confirm your basic knowledge of the most critical areas of the feed manufacture process. It will help to verify your improved knowledge base and may be added to your CV. It will also help demonstrate to your employer your commitment to training and learning that benefits the company's performance. This Certificate is the first step in your knowledge-building approach to your job and will support your intention to go onto further training both in-company and at outside institutes such as universities, supplier training courses, and the offered by other organizations. Our intention is to build this Certificate into an internationally-recognized qualification in the understanding of Feed Manufacture.
  • When will I get my certificate?
    Your certificate will be awarded once all sessions of the course have been completed, either from the live sessions and/or from the On-Demand view and within 30 days upon completion.
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